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Cree8ive Surfaces

Your imagination - our expertise

Creative Surfaces and Art

Make a statement with unique benchtops, furniture and art!
One of a kind  surfaces, created just for you! 


Bench tops

Our liquid stone system creates consistently beautiful and unique surfaces, either for existing bench tops or newly build ones.

Your new bench tops  will be heat and stress resistant, full of colour and your own personality!

Easy to install by yourself or with our team's help, it is a surface easy to maintain and repair, if required!

Epoxy art is our addiction and our love!

It is also a great possibility for you to create complete picture/design/style in your house by purchasing, make-to-order or make-yourself piece of art, that will work with your newly created furniture or any other surfaces.

Look at our collection and select something that will work for your home, and will be a real talking point at all your friends and family gatherings!



Amazing furniture, that will make your home or your business as unique as you are! Chose any colour, any style, logo, or pattern, and allow us to make it your reality!

Hard wearing, heat and stress resistant, modern furniture, as unique as you are.

Choose your colour and style, and our liquid stone system will turn your furniture into beautiful piece of art.

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