Headstones and memorials

cree8ive memorials

Beautiful unique memorials and headstones.  Prices from $230.00.

Any colour, totally unique liquid stone memorials.  New Zealand made, beautiful and environmentally friendly! 

Our introductory offer - we guarantee half price on the same size memorials or headstones, if written quote from any other supplier provided. *

Our memorials and headstones perform the same way or better than any natural stone product and we offer 30 years guarantee on all products.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

*Price does not include delivery and installation. Written quotes from registered suppliers only. Certain shapes and colours could not be achieved due to material restrictions.. 


Most colours could be used, except pure white.
Check out our Styles page to get some ideas for colour selection.


We have lovely selection of different shapes and sizes. 
We also can produce to order.


Pet's memorials could be produced to order as well.

our prices
Prices are including GST, but excluding inscriptions, patterns, delivery or installation 

One-sided memorial

One sided memorial.

Size: 240 x 200 x 40


Simple rectangular memorial

Two sided memorial. Could be placed flat or standing.

Size: 410 x 240 x 40


Reversable heart 

Reversible asymmetrical heart - could be inscribed on both sides.

Size: top - 350 x 330 x 45

          base - 480 x 225 x 60

$ 680.00


Reversible asymmetrical headstone

Size: top - 465 x 275 x 40

          base - 550 x 250 x 60

$ 740.00


Crown headstone.

Size: top - 400 x 342 x 40

         base - 550 x 250 x 60

$ 780.00

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