We are currently running series of beginners workshops throughout North Island.

Our beginners workshops designed for DIYers and professionals, who would like to learn how to use Liquid Stone products.

These workshops are running for 6 to 7 hours, one day per week, usually on weekend.

You will learn how to prep your surfaces for application of Liquid Stone, how to mix and apply our product, as well as a number of colour technics.

On completion, you will be ready to work on your first project successfully!

All our workshops run in a small groups of 4 to 10 people, cost is $250.00 per person.

Make sure you are wearing clothing and footwear, that is ok to be damaged, if epoxy products will mark it.

We are also running workshops on demand - if you have 4 to 10 people in your circle of friends who would like to learn how to use our product and a garage we can run workshops in, we will come to your town, and teach you this amazing art/skill, that will save you thousands of dollars in a long run!

For all information please contact Dean or Victoria. 

Workshop dates


23rd of November(Saturday) - beginners

From 10am till approx. 4 pm

Whangarei (Hikurangi)

27th October (Sunday) - beginners

10am - 4pm


9th November (Saturday) - beginners 

10am - 4pm

KP cabinets,


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